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Richie是來自印度的歌手。在擔任空少4年後,他辭去了工作,從事音樂事業。 他對音樂的熱愛和熱情使他勇於追求夢想。 他在德里開始了自己的歌唱生涯,在德里,古爾岡,諾伊達,果阿和加爾各答等不同的酒吧和活動中表演。他曾在許多酒店演唱過,如Radisson Blu、West Inn和JW Marriots。 他的樂隊也是果阿最大的盛會之一。 他主要演唱的風格包括搖滾、流行、Blues,雷鬼和搖滾樂等各種類型。 他計劃在不久的將來創作出自己的音樂。 他曾與來自世界各地的許多著名音樂家合作演出,也是許多樂隊的主唱。

Richie is a singer from Kalimpong, India. He was born on 1st November ,1985. He is 178cms tall and weighs 78kg. After working as a flight attendant for 4 years, he quit his job to pursue a career in music. His love and passion for music was what made him quit his job. He started his singing career in Delhi where he performed in different pubs and events in and out of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Goa and Kolkata to name a few.He has sang in many hotels like Radisson Blu, West Inn and JW Marriots. His band was also part of one of the biggest fests in Goa. He has been singing mostly covers from various genres like rock, pop, blues, reggae and rock and roll. Although he plans to write and play his own music in the near future. He has performed with many renowned musicians from all over the world and also has been the lead singer for many bands. In Taiwan, performed at bars, restaurants,and company events. Bars. Marco Polo -Shangrila hotel (1.5 years) Cheers- Grand Hyatt (1 year) Hilton Shiban (1 year) Westin Tashee, Att Valley, Sakura Att fun, Oldie goodie, Maji, Crafthouse, James joyce, Rev Now.