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DJ Marcus Aurelius

| DJ Marcus Aurelius

無論是蒙古的山頂、泰國的盛大節日、台灣最性感的泳池派對,還是香港汗流浹背的地下嘻哈俱樂部,DJ Marcus Aurelius 都清楚地知道每個人想聽什麼,一旦他掌握了音樂技巧,他就會毫不猶豫地製作出更多內容。落後於一兩群人。 DJ Marcus Aurelius 擁有二十多年在世界各地舉辦搖滾派對的經驗,他一定會點燃任何舞台。

Whether it’s mountaintops in Mongolia, massive festivals in Thailand, the sexiest pool parties in Taiwan, or sweaty underground Hip Hop clubs in Hong Kong, DJ Marcus Aurelius knows exactly what everyone wants to hear, and produces that in spades and a lot more once he gets behind the ones and twos. With over two decades of experience rocking parties worldwide, DJ Marcus Aurelius is bound to set any stage on fire.