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1. 2022年桃漾天籟歌唱大賽冠軍
2. 僑聯總會全國大專院校僑生歌唱比賽冠軍
3. 銘傳大學英文卡拉比賽冠軍
4. 銘傳大學國際學院歌唱比賽冠軍
5. 台北市文化局印尼僑生歌唱比賽冠軍
6. 112年勞工之星歌唱大賽冠軍
7. 在「Pesta Rakyat」比賽中獲得第一名,並由印尼經濟貿易辦事處(KDEI)或印尼駐台大使館頒發「台灣最佳印尼人才」獎。

– 在Trans Studio主題樂園擔任4年歌手、舞者、演員和司儀
– 在印尼有顯著的婚禮歌手生涯
– 擁有豐富的知名藝人伴唱經驗

Nita, a dynamic and captivating professional female singer, possesses a powerhouse voice that effortlessly spans all musical genres. With a career rooted in enchanting audiences since the age of six, Nita has garnered numerous accolades, consistently securing top honors in competitions across Indonesia and Taiwan. Her stage presence is electrifying, matched only by her ability to seamlessly transition between English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Arabian, and Hindi songs, showcasing her versatility and global appeal. Nita's journey has seen her as a prominent wedding singer in Indonesia, where she brought joy to countless celebrations, and as a sought-after backup singer for renowned artists. A true virtuoso, Nita's musical prowess extends beyond vocals; she embodies the spirit of entertainment, excelling in engaging diverse audiences. Her performances are a fusion of passion, energy, and a genuine desire to uplift and delight listeners. Drawing from her vast experience, Nita envisions her image as a fusion of classic elegance and contemporary vibrancy, appealing to audiences at weddings and corporate events alike. Achievements in Taiwan: Winner of numerous singing competitions in Indonesia and Taiwan, consistently securing first place: 1. 2022桃漾天籟歌唱大賽 唱比賽第一名 2. 僑聯總會全國大專院校僑生歌唱比賽第一名 3. 銘傳大學英文卡拉比賽第一名 4. 銘傳大學國際學院歌唱比謇第一名 5. - 台北市文化局印尼僑生歌唱比賽第一名 6. 112年勞工之星歌唱大賽第一名 7. - 1st place in a competition at the "Pesta Rakyat" and received the award for "Best Indonesian Talent in Taiwan" from the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (KDEI) or the Indonesian Embassy in Taiwan. - Trans Studio theme park (4 years): singer, dancer, actor, Emcee - Notable career as a wedding singer in Indonesia - Extensive experience as a backup singer for renowned artists