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Cindy Wu

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甫自旅美返台居住之表演者吳怡靜(Cindy Wu)6 歲開始學琴,10 歲移民美國舊金山,學琴期間得獎無數,成績優異取得獎學金進入美國紐約州伊士曼音樂學院主修鋼琴,畢業後進入茱麗亞音樂學院進修,歷年來獲多項音樂比賽大獎。1995-2010 年期間在美國任教與表演,曾與紐約州羅徹斯特市高知名度的 NIK 娛樂音樂公司合作,主要在美東及加拿大東部ㄧ帶,婚宴、教堂、私人俱樂部、飯店、戶外音樂節、演奏廳表演,主要以彈奏、歌唱以及舞蹈。2011 年 2 月回台,現於高雄市設立 Cindy Wu Music studio(音樂學園)教授個人鋼琴、小提琴,歌唱指導及英文戲劇。目前在高雄市ㄧ家知名的灰姑娘音樂制作有限公司擔任旁白、歌唱與英文填詞工作。Cindy 也有從事三語言主持(國,台,英)、個人歌唱、個人創作歌曲及與樂團合作演出,是位積極的表演者,而且多才多藝,目前都在各個餐廳、酒吧、戶外音樂表演、文化中心、音樂館及慈善義演。她目前在敦煌書局的關係企業*英閱音躍硏創股份有限公司*擔任創意藝術總監。兼任雙語言(英、中)作曲、作詞、律動與歌唱、編舞之工作。

Cindy Wu, having returned from the U.S.A. began to learn piano at the age of 6. When she was 10, she immigrated to San Franscio, U.S.A.. During this period, she won many awards and scholarships with outstanding grades. She continued by studying at The Eastman School of Music in University of Rochester as a piano performance major. After graduation, she followed one of the Juilliard School's master professor for private study. Between the years of 1995-2010, Cindy was an active performer and music teacher in U.S.A. She has performed piano, singing, and dancing all over the East coast of U.S.A. and Canada; in Wedding events, churches, outdoor music festivals, hotels, private country clubs, and concert halls with Rochester, New York's very famous "NIk Entertainment Co." prior returning home in February 2011. She is currently teaching various piano/violin/vocal/English drama lessons at her own Cindy Wu Music Studio in Kaohsiung City. Besides her music studio, she is also working as a voice-over personnel and English music lyricist with the prestigious Cinderella Studio in Kaohsiung City. She's an active trilingual (English, Mandarin, Taiwanese) host, solo performer, songwriter, and also collaboration with bands in Taiwan performing in various restaurants, bars, outdoor festivals, Kaohsiung Cultural Center, Kaohsiung Music Hall, and various Charity events. She has currently join Caves Bookstore's related company "Reading and Rhythm Co." as their Artistic/Creative Director, focusing on bilingual (English/Chinese) songwriting, chants, vocal recording, and dance choreography.